PAVd Essential Kit



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2021 is coming to an end and that means it’s the season of gifting. We want to make sure this will be the perfect gift not only for yourselves but also for you to give to your clients, family, friends and everyone that truly matters to you.


After hours of extensive research, PAVD has curated the best combination of basic workspace essentials that will elevate your productivity and wellness at work. This package ensures that you have a quick and easy setup, letting you experience the difference almost immediately.
This will be the best gift for yourself and also for others to start the new year afresh.

Item 1: The Minimalist Desk Mat 

This duotone Desk Mat creates a minimalistic base for an organized workspace. Forming the facade of your workspace, it’s the best combination of both functionality and aesthetics; a deserving marriage of form and function. Not just enhancing the look of your workspace, the mat will keep you motivated to be clean and clutter-free. Because it’s just too awesome.

Item 2: The Foldable/Portable Laptop Stand

This laptop stand enables you to move around freely and have ergonomic comfort anywhere… everywhere.
It instantly turns your laptop into a mobile workstation. Mobility has never been so easy. Swivel any way you want. P.s. It’s insanely easy to set up.

Item 3: The Ergonomic Wrist Rest

We all know that a mouse is a better working tool than a touchpad when getting around your work. However, more often than not, it causes soreness and numbness to our hands while using it. With this wrist rest, you can reduce the fatigue on your wrist. Now you can ensure not only work productivity but also better wellness for your hands. Trust me, your wrists will thank you later.

Item 4: The Underrated Handphone Stand

This handphone stand offers productivity and comfort with a simple design. Having access to all your screen needs to be extra productive, you can catch up on messages, calls and even watch podcasts. Or you can use it for zoom meetings, video chat, quick facial unlocks, reading emails… all hands-free. Lightweight and portable so that you can easily carry it from your home to office, vice versa.

Item 5: The Built-without-guilt Brownie Chips & Nut Mix

Work is definitely better with healthy and yummy snacks! Don’t forget to take a break, fuel yourself up as you go through long working days. Satisfy your tummy, boost your morale and don’t worry much about the calories! Amazin’ isn’t it?

Item 6: Our WFH eBook

To maximise your productivity and wellbeing at work, we’ve included a complimentary copy of our eBook. Learning never stops.

Note: Items inside the gift box will be individually wrapped (picture shown is for illustration purposes only)